5 DIY Hacks for your Prescription Glasses?

 Prescription Glasses
April 17, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

Life for prescription glass holders is not easy, the fact that they don't have a 20/20 vision is more than a nightmare for some.

It also involves heavy dependence on their glasses and survival without them is next to impossible, thanks to the poor vision!

We at Optically have compiled for you 5 DIY Hacks that can take care of unexpected prescription glass concerns without you having to worry at that very moment!

1. Night Glow :

When you wear glasses, having them at the exact distance at your night stand is important so you can reach them as soon as you wake up. But what if you just drop them in the dark? You can apply glow paint on the arms to make you find them easily. Glow paint is available at any hardware store.

2. Shaving Cream :

When you wear glasses regularly having them clean is utmost important. Instead of experimenting with acetone, water or other cleansers that do not give you the required results, use shaving cream instead. It is easy to clean, gives the glasses a sheen and clears all dust.

3. Toothpaste :

For taking care of minor scratches on the glass, use a cotton swab and toothpaste to rub on the areas where you can see scratches. The composition of toothpaste helps the acetate/ plastic glass smoothen the surface thus taking away the unwanted scratches.


4. Hair Ties :

When working in an environment or situation that causes you to sweat it out thus making your glasses to slip of your nose. Use hair ties at the temple tips right behind the ears, just tie them up in tight rounds that hold the glasses behind the ears securely. Since they are at the back they won't even be seen.

5. Camera :

If you have taken your glasses off for a bit at work or at your work desk, maybe to just rub your eyes and now you cannot find your glasses, because you cant see as sharply! Just use your phone camera to zoom in the area around you, and you can easily locate your glasses!

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