5 Ways to Care for your Eyes when Working on Screen

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August 10, 2018

Eye Care Tips While Working on a Screen

Are you working non-stop on your computer every day? Glued to your phone screen and tablets for long hours at length? In these changing times, most of us have no choice but use computers and laptops.

Since a lot many of us wear prescription glasses online USA, we can have refractive errors that can cost us dear in the long run.

However, you could follow a few safety tips that could help reverse lingering eye problems due to working on a screen all day.

  • To begin with, despite wearing RX glasses, you need to take regular breaks from your computer when working through the day. Turning away from the screen refreshes your eye in no time.

  • If you have headaches and eye strain, try and seek medical advice without any delay. Regular breaks are beneficial in no time and help you refocus on your work more reducing the stress levels.

  • While you take regular breaks, ensure that you also care for your eyes. You could do simple eye exercises and shut your peepers every now and then.

  • Start off by shutting your eyelids for every 90 seconds in a few hours. Relax and have some coffee and re-adjust your sitting posture.

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  • Glare or screen reflections are very harmful for the eyes. It is this light that reflects and bounces back to your eyes. This can be problematic for long term eye health. In order to prevent this damage, you need to structure your work habits.

  • You could start by wearing affordable designer glasses online, tailor made for you with an anti glare coating. Next, ensure that you have blinds in your office so that the rays of the sun don’t penetrate your workspace. You need to sit in one corner of the room that faces away from the sunlight.

  • You also can start off by adjusting the angle of your screen and the brightness of your laptop or computer. Try and also fit a monitor hood to your computer and adjust the brightness setting on your computer. By applying an anti-glare film on the screen; you help reverse any damage to the cornea of the eye.

  • Finally, adjust your seat every now and then lay cushions and foot rests. This helps you face the screen erect and solves all skewed vision worries.

Going for an eye test is mandatory in maintaining healthy eyes and perfect vision. Regardless of your age, you should consider going for regular checkups and wear a pair of glasses. At Optically we offer the best vision eye wear along with affordable glasses online. If you think eyeglasses, choose us!