All You Need Is A Fabulous Pair Of Sunglasses For The Beach!

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June 16, 2017
Published By Jennifer Johnson

After a long, long wait amidst all the snowfall and cold, summer has finally dawned upon us. Now I can flaunt my skin and wear my favourite accessory - sunglasses. Summer, beaches, hats, bathing suits and my sunglasses are nirvana for me. Now that the temperature is rising, and so does the heat, I am so excited to visit the beach and do some sunbathing. It's like hello friend, been long since we met (to the sun of course). I so want my skin to be sun kissed.

I do wear sunglasses all year long, but sunnies and summer have a different feel altogether. In my case, I use prescription sunglasses, and they are one of the dominant fashion and protection statement for me. Be it by the beach or pool, Rx sunglasses are a must have. They help us throw the shade on the harmful sun rays as much as we want. They are one of the protective shields without a doubt. Every year I make sure I have a fabulous pair of sunglasses with designer frames. I have worn from aviators to wayfarers, geometric, round Rx sunglasses, etc. It's like an addiction you can say. I just love to play the dress up game, and my wardrobe is never complete with my prescription sunglasses. And now I have my Genie online - It is the only place for me that offers the most fabulous collection of designer glasses and Rx sunglasses for men and women. If you feel the love for sunglasses, then we are on the same page.

So ladies and all the handsome men, pick up your bathing suits, hats, sunscreens, sunglasses and get beach ready. Today I'll list down some of the coolest sunglasses frames for you to don this summer. Cast an eye over these fantastic Rx sunglasses online, and you are all set to revamp your beach look!

1. Wayfarers

In vogue since 1960's wayfarers sunglasses can be your best friend for this summer. The cool and funky colour frame adds more beachy vibe. This Rx sunglass is from Polaroid, and it's worth a buy! The yellow frame looks stunning, and it's a perfect summer beach colour!

Opium glasses

2. Ivory Sunglasses

Somehow I feel that bigger frames look more stunning by the beach. Check out this ivory frame sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent. The big square frames will protect your eyes from heat, dust and control under eye darkness!

Opium glasses

3. Aviators

The classic aviators never fail to add pizzazz to your beach getaway. They look great on men and women both. A perfect pair of sunglasses and a pure snatch for the summer beach panache. These are from Malacca collection, and I just love the tint on it!

Opium glasses

4. Round Sunglasses

The round frames are my personal favourite, and with the bikini on, they look stunning. This one is from Oxydo, and the brown frame and lens will go almost with any colour of the outfit. Brown is the new evergreen!

Opium glasses

5. Voguish Black

Just look at this piece of glam from Gucci. It's jaw dropping, progressive and comes with extra metal shields on the sides. I definitely have my eyes on these, what about you? Black sunglasses are a keeper forever, especially designer sunglasses like these from Optically!

Opium glasses

6. Cateye

The cateye sunglasses leave no chance to add a glint of style for the wearer. They pronounce the real feminine side, and these tortoiseshell frames from Carrera will be a double bonus!

Opium glasses

These were some of my favourites that I listed for all you fashion frenzy people. There are more designer glasses and prescription sunglasses that Optically has under one roof. You can browse through their fantabulous collection and pull-up your fancy pants for the beach and beat the heat in complete style!