Crazy Ideas For Your Old Pair of Glasses!

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August 02, 2018

Simple Methods to Reuse Old Glasses

Are you in two minds about what to do with old glasses? Do you often fret over the outdated frames of rx eyeglasses from yesteryears? While there are scores to choose in designer glasses online, you could also recycle old ones in no time!

Try and pop out the lenses and reglaze your rx sunglasses from Optically at affordable costs. If your city has recycling services, try and avail those. You could also donate these pairs to charities that give those glasses to people who cannot afford these pairs. Thrift stores aplenty everywhere are also great destinations for your old eyewear.

Are you pining for some Harry Potter fun in the Halloween holidays? You could use your trendy old fashioned designer glasses as accessories to costumes for your child’s dress up clothing.

If you have old grandmother glasses that were her reading companion for times gone by, you could just about use them as a work of art. Try and get creative. Attach the pair to a pot for a plant and glue a nose and mouth underneath these. You can also create a sock and paper puppet and give it glasses. Adorn these in your child’s room to add to the fun!

Old readers can be painted in your chosen colour and hung from a hoop at the entrance to your house. They could also double up as a wind chime if you pop out the lenses carefully. Let the artist in you blossom and paint the lenses in acrylic paint. Thereafter, attach sparkling rhinestones to the frames and hang them up.

You can also get a little bit silly! Try putting your old glasses on the snowman you create in winter. This will be the best snowman in the neighbourhood and set the glasses on your pet toy bear to take zany photographs best saved for posterity.

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Next up, you could pile these frames neatly into a bowl and keep them next to the rack of books on the wall. It would greatly enhance the look of your library and give it an intellectual look!

Old pairs of glasses can also be attached to gift boxes and wrapped with a hat if you please. In case you are not up for these crazy hacks, you could just about reglaze them at Optically and opt for a new pair of rocking brand new designer glasses at rock solid prices!