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February 05, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

You see this beautiful woman walking past you in the Burberry scarf, plaid Calvin Klein pants carrying a Gucci handbag with an air of royalty when she swishes her hair aside to flaunt the newly purchased Marc Jacobs sunglasses, while you stare at her new found pride in awe,you casually deduce that all that class is encompassed in those elegant pair of sunglasses, you are sure that if she loses them all that charm will drop like a pin!

You watch in awe while remembering the must-own list you have made of those swanky designer products,dreaming of them relentlessly, hoping to own each one of them someday. Those endless flashing images of you adorning them fill your imagination making you want to buy them even more. Those high street stores displays call out to you each time you pass, awaiting your indulgence!

You want to jump on the trendsetter wagon and want a pair of designer sunglasses to your wardrobe now! You don't know how many months of savings might get you to those sooner! The more you picturise yourself in those impeccable designer sunglasses, the more your hand starts twitching to swipe the enth credit card and forget going the saving way. You can deal with that stacked up debt later!

Opium glasses

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