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Lens coating Prescription glasses
July 23, 2018

Shopping for prescription glasses at a retail store can be quite confusing. Not just with the frame styles and colours but the protective coatings one needs to get.

Having a sales staff breathing down your neck doesn't make that easier either.Not to forget the prices that are too heavy on your pockets, especially if you are looking to shop for that celebrity inspired designer glasses.

What if you got those swanky pair of designers that are trustworthy and have an affordable tag to it, you will definitely buy them right? So, you should wait no longer and buy glasses online at, America’s leading online retailer for trendy prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses online.

They have a user friendly website, with easy filters that help you narrow your search for the perfect pair of glasses with several options to customize the prescription lenses.

So what Are Coatings?

Coating is a protective chemical layer applied on the prescription lenses that reduces glare, blocks dust and avoids scratches.

Can I get Coatings with my Prescription?

Yes, coatings are not restricted to clear lenses only. You can get those with your latest prescription. Digital Blue Coating that provides protection against the digital blue light can be taken for just clear lenses also, as the growing awareness of eye-strain is adding consumers to the prescription glasses share!

Digital Blue Coating glasses

What types of Coatings can I choose?


All prescription glasses at Optically come with 1.56 index lenses and an anti reflective coating. This bends light entering your lenses, making them ward off glare not just of sunlight but also of your digital devices.


Made of a tenacious chemical, anti scratch is a great coating to avail especially if you are a regular glasses wearer. Any index lenses that you choose at Optically, come with a anti scratch coating to make them last longer.

Blue Coat:

Specifically engineered to combat digital eye strain, a blue coat reflects harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. A perfect pick for everyone, as our phones and laptops rule 80% of our day!

What if I already have a great pair of eyeglasses?

That's awesome because you don't need to give them up for getting a coating of your preference. Reglaze Glasses Online is a brilliant service offered at Optically, that renews the prescription lenses in your old glasses. All you have to do is send us your old pair, select the modification you need and voila! You will get your revamped pair delivered at your doorstep. It can be a change of prescription, or a change in tint or just to add that digital blue coat. Whatever be the reason, we will be happy to get that customized in your existing pair of eyeglasses online.