Glasses for Square Faces : How to Choose?

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August 08, 2018

How to Choose Glasses for a Square Face?

Finally we arrive in an era where wearing glasses is no more quoted as being the nerd or the geek. It's so much more than just correcting vision, it's a leading fashion accessory!

Everyone seems to be carrying a pair of womens and mens glasses for reasons like driving, computer use and to complete their outfits right!

Well, when it comes to fashion and you buying a swanky pair of prescription glasses online usa, you must make the right investment that gives you stylish comfort in quality frames.

Optically USA is your one stop answer to buy affordable and trustworthy prescription sunglasses and glasses online.

The array featured in Opticallys catalog is sure to give you some serious eyewear fashion goals at prices that won't hurt your pockets!

With such an amazing variety, you still ought to choose that perfect pair right for your face. Else, you may end up saving on sassy designer frame but figure that they don't quite suit your Face Type.

So how to make sure you brace that Square Face of your right?

Square Face:

A Square face is classified with a strong jaw, a squared chin and a forehead that's broad. The face cut is sharp and clean with strong angles balancing the width and height of the face.

Get glasses that take attention away from the strong jawline and designs that soften the edges to bring out your features effortlessly.

The Trick:

Bright and Pop colours works wonders for a square face pulling away attention instantly, also shapes that are opposite to the square face help in adding length to the face cut. The trick is to soften the outline and balance the angles for a great look.

The Styles:

Round frames, oval frames and cat-eye look great on square faces. Here are Optically’s best picks for your face type!

The all time favourite Round in Dark Brown will work wonders on those strong angles! The double studs act as the perfect distraction!

Wow to the rounded Aviators that infuse fashion so well in this monochrome! Softened corners suit the square jaw perfectly!

The never go wrong pair to add the right proportion, Cat-Eye but slight enough to give the required oomph!


Avoid geometrical or sharp square shaped frames of prescription glasses that will add to the sharpness.

What Next?

Use the Virtual Mirror to make a wise buy when looking to buy eyeglasses online USA. Just with your close up picture upload, you can check out not just the above recommended styles but everything featured on our online catalog and see how they look on you virtually!