Hang On To Your Hat!

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December 12, 2017
Published By Jennifer Johnson

It’s said, ‘If you want to get ahead, get a hat!’. Hats have been an iconic accessory in a women’s wardrobe since centuries. There are personalities known by the style of that hats. The best season to explore different styles, colours and fits in a hat is winter. This winter, we need to look at the hat trends that were followed this year and the wide variety of available glasses online that will make this fashion upgradation easier for you. Hats and glasses are a pair made in heaven. Right glasses coupled with rights hats can change the game for you.

If you not a hat person or haven’t thought of getting one, this mini guide will show you how to pair your glasses with your hats and pull off the most effortlessly stylish look!

Fancy Furry Hats:

No matter what, fur always looks stylish. The oversized furry caps not only protects you from winter but also make your face look smaller, defining your facial features. The classic black or any solid colour fur hat can go really well with both simple designer frames and also with large prescription sunglasses. Big or small, any glasses combined with a fur hat can never go wrong and out of style. Featured in the section are all black full rimmed Carrera.

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Bold and beautiful berets:

Berets speak class and sophistication. If you don’t own anything french in your wardrobe yet, this is the hat you need to get. Their iconic shape and style go perfectly with black bold cateye and simple geeky reading glasses as well. You can almost couple berets with anything. This winter, you deserve this beauty.Featured in the section are all black classic Gucci sunglasses.

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Teeny Weeny Beanies:

If you are worried about how you would look in a skull hugging beanie, don’t worry. They are in demand and in style. They are one of the most safest options when you want you try a new winter fashion accessory. It can give you perfect nerdy look and a super cool hippie rockstar look. Featured in the section are solid black full rimmed Marc Jacob square sunglasses.

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Fun Fedoras:

Wearing a fedora hat can be scary. You are never sure of the look. But, these beauties can add instant glamour to your wardrobe. You can pull of a simple, elegant look or a super, sexy, chic look. It’s a kind of accessory that does not need anything else to compliment. Featured in this section are metallic all round gorgeous Fendi.

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Bouncy Bobble Hats:

Bobble hats have always been associated with a girl next door look. But, if coupled with right glasses they can look glamorous and stylish too. You can wear a grey,nude, unitone, multi coloured, in fact any colour bobble and it will always look amazing. Featured in this section are simple round framed black Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses.

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