How Can Prescription Glasses Improve Productivity and Eye Health

Prescription eyeglasses
February 27, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

The primary function of prescription eyeglasses is to correct your vision. It is impossible to carry out most of the job activities without correcting your vision. Also, you should be worried about preventing your eyes from occupational hazards. Being productive gives us a sense of accomplishment and relief, but it isn't always easy to keep up. Most employers are well aware of their obligations under the employment safety act, to provide their employees with a safe, health and a risk-free working environment.

According to a recent study, more than half of the eye injuries suffered are work-related.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a common problem among regular PC users. It is a problem caused due to repetitive strain issues for eyes, just as much as typing can affect the wrists and arms. Some of the common symptoms include tiredness, headaches, dry eyes, etc., all of these can be distracting at work and lead to reduced performance.

Considering eye correction test and adopting appropriate vision correction can avoid eye injuries and increase the productivity of the employees.

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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition caused by agaze at the digital screens for hours at a time. When you constantly stare at digital screens, the eye’s components are either fixed or performing the same repeated movements. Its common symptoms are, blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, double vision, and neck and shoulder pains.

The blue light that makes the eye work harder when focusing. It’s clear that the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome diminish your productivity.

Looking away from your screen on & off or taking a break from the screen in small intervals can be of great help for your eyes. Try avoiding the major contributing harm causing factors, such as glare and blue light emissions. Making the right choices of prescription eyeglasses will significantly reduce these factors.

prescription eyeglasses

Here are two essential choices:

  • Anti-reflective coating - This coating prevents room backlighting glare from reflecting off your lens inner surface and into your eyes.

  • Blue blocker coating - This type of coating blocks blue light emissions from your screen.

Both coating options are available with prescription eyeglasses.

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