How can you get your regular glasses to quirky?

Prescription Sunglasses
June 12, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

Not long ago you found out that your beautiful eyes needed vision correction. The rush to the optometrist office to get your prescription and then selecting the perfect pair of glasses.

When we all realised we did have a prescription, we often chose our first pair of regulars carefully sticking to the conventional shapes of rectangle, most of the time.

Perhaps a few of us went for round and square glasses as well. More often than not we selected the classic black or grey that went well for all the events and occasions.

We wear our prescription glasses all day and they are undeniable fashion accessory that dictates our style statement.

Here's how you can turn your old, boring prescription glasses and sunglasses into something more fun and flirty!


You get various craft colours in any hardware stores that are easy to use and fun to experiment with. These craft colours are waterproof and can be applied on any surface. Acetate glasses with wide rims work best for craft colours.

You can start by putting simple polka dots, or lines design on the arms in white or gold, or even use bright colours to embellish the temples.

Fabric or acrylic colours come with a nozzle that can be applied directly on your frames.


Use beads, flowers, stars or similar small craft props to accentuate your frames. You can create a simple bead necklace for your readers, or paste flowers on the temple rims. Use stars at the beginning of the armrests for an added oomph.

Try combining paint with props instead of two props combination, it might just look downright gaudy.


Washi Tape

Washi tape is a fabulous creation and we cannot thank the creator enough! It's so easy to use and comes in a variety of styles and colours. Paste washi tape straight on your frames and use pastel combinations on dark frames to have them stand out.

Alternatively you can cut and use washi tape in shapes of your choice, since they are easy to paste and stay on for a long time!

Fret no more then! Go give your prescription glasses and sunglasses a makeover and use them as new!

In the meanwhile log onto and shop for affordable designer glasses online and muse your eyes to a new pair!