How do you twirl your glasses for some fun?

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July 30, 2018

Twirling Techniques in Eyeglasses: Uncovering the truths

When you select that brand new eyeglass from among the many glasses online, you might be tempted to flash these as a fashion statement. Twirling your prescription glasses or even your brand new sunglasses is an art.

You may have a nervous twitch or even feel the need to pass time during a dull business meeting. Twirling eyeglasses is a fine skill if you can learn the ropes well! Eyeglasses are not just about seeing anymore and are more than just your regular facial furniture! They can be used for showing off your entertaining skills!

Honing your Twirls :

If you want to become a successful eyeglass twirler, you should work towards a method that suits you. Do you use the two finger technique while spinning or opt for the two finger whirl? There are several ways in which you can turn sunglasses. The most popular from among these methods is to hold the arms of the glasses and twist these around for fun.

Contrastingly, if you hold the stems down and pivot the ear piece then you could also spin the glasses faster. You can also twist these frames between the thumb and the index finger. This process can help you pick up speed and show off your finger finesse!

Another great option is to hold the stem away from the base of the palm and use gravity to actually spin your optical pairs. It is important that you hold the stem of the glasses lightly and twirl these around like helicopter propellers. You could also use the entire body of the eyeglasses and move the glasses around. This is a difficult practice that needs the glasses to be threaded through the fingers just as you would whirl a pencil. Your fingers go up and down to spin these optical pairs.

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You could actually twirl for amusement at any time, however, this is an art form for the coordinated and wannabe twirlers should pay heed to a word of caution! Do not use an expensive pair of rimless glasses for practice. You might just dismantle a new eyeglass in the process if you drop the pair.

Beginner’s Advice:

We suggest you start with an old pair of glasses bought from spectacles online and then work your way up. If you have good hand-eye coordination along with some treasured sense of wit, you can ace the eyeglass twirling sport quite easily.

Hitting another person with your eyeglasses may not be considered fun to begin with! You can check out the various rx glasses and men’s glasses available on Eyeglasses, doctors suggest are must for the naked eye when there is a vision problem and you can tap, twirl and whisk in some fun by lowering temperatures this summer!