How many sunglasses pairs must you own?

Prescription sunglasses
May 04, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

One difficult question isn't it! Well you can own as many to be honest! Who does not like the luxury of being a spendthrift?

There are so many varieties of frames available in the optical arena that you can only wonder which style will prove to be the perfect pick for you!

Apart from designers innovating their creations and using creativity with colour, texture and shapes there are so stores showcasing the best of their designs.

After careful contemplation when you have chosen the pair of prescription sunglasses, the next dilemma is to pick the right lens for them.

Lense range not only in tints but also in the type like photochromic, UV protected and Anti reflective. Even the density and the size can be chosen depending on how thin you require your lenses to be.

Gone are the days when prescription glass holders were restricted in terms of wearing sunglasses. Now they don't have to go through the pain of switching between two glasses.

The concern arises when they are on a vacation or just lounging at the beach, and the incessant sunlight cannot be dealt with.

With prescription sunglasses now all your worries are taken away in just a click of getting your affordable designer glasses online.

So here's how many pairs of sunglasses you must own?

Well, to think of it we could say at least 3, here's why?

1) Lifestyle

If you are an ardent traveller or a sportsperson, then keeping one pair of prescription sunglasses that has photochromic lenses that transitions as required in the amount of light you are exposed to.

These go clear when indoors and low light areas that facilitate mobility inside and darken in brighter light.

If you are a true fashion follower, then having another pair that is quirky and fun as opposed to your regulars can make you alternate between looks.

Digital blue coat lense

2) Spare

Sunglasses are to sunlight traditionally and that's true when you are looking to protect your vision from the harmful UV light. Hence, being equipped with a spare pair always benefits you if your regulars get lost or broken.

3) Vogue

Your wardrobe is versatile when you have to dress for work, a party or for a brunch then why shouldn't your glasses be just as trendy.

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