How to Choose The Best Frame Materials For your prescription glasses online?

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July 25, 2018

Unleash your spunk with varied frame materials for your eyewear.

Are you sifting through many frames to choose one for your prescription eyewear? Is the challenge to choose the best frame becoming daunting? Choosing the right frame material for women’s glasses or even your prescription sunglasses is difficult.

Eyewear frames can enhance your appearance just like how lenses correct vision. It is important that you select one that suits your skin and face.

Browsing online from our frames at Optically can be your answer.

Frames come in various colors, varying durability and weight along with prices at Optically. There are designer glasses frames and less expensive brands which are made of hypoallergenic materials.

Finding the right frame material is important when you take into consideration your prescription and lifestyle.

Most of the frames at Optically, are durable, have consistent finish and reliability, and style. It is important to consult your optometrist before you choose your frame, especially if you are a first time buyer.

Although there much more to just getting a prescription and picking a frame that suits your face, Optically helps you try out different styles digitally, for your face and skin tone.

eyeglasses Frames online

Here are the common eyewear frame materials that can be found at Optically:


Our plastic frames are lightweight and are available in many color options. Most eye frames available in our new arrivals section come in plastic. These frames can be molded and are hypoallergenic.


Some of our designer glasses frames and women’s glasses also come in metals. These metals are anti-corrosive and do not react with the skin.


The acetate used in our frames is strong, flexible and lightweight. The cellulose acetate has the widest transparency and comes in various colors and finishes. These are non-petroleum based plastic that is derived from natural cotton and wood fibers. This material is made of renewable products and is relatively malleable.


This is a wonder metal that is of low density and high strength. Since it is extremely lightweight and lustrous, it is anti rust and can be produced in a vast array of colors. It is also hypoallergenic.

So, now that you are aware of the best frame materials used in our spectacles, it is time for you to choose a quality that suits you the best.

While your optician’s advice may come in handy, you can browse through the list of wearable prescription glasses that are currently in fashion.

With top designer labels available at Optically, you can choose select eyewear that is of a brand name too without breaking much sweat.

Choose your high fashion label and sport the best frames in the country!