How to make Eyeglass Necklace?

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May 14, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

You have just realised that reading the menu at the restaurant is not as easy as before, neither is reading your morning newspaper.

You can easily see at a distance, but things close up are blurring away. You know age has caught up with you and you must get reading glasses.

You schedule and appointment with your optometrist and dutifully get your reading glasses prescription.

You have browsed through various aisles to figure what perfect glasses should you get that are durable, economical and most importantly fashionable.

Readers are always going to be with you, and you will also travel with it everywhere. Which means they not only need to compliment your personality but also look stylish.

Now, you don't want to be shuffling between two glasses, what you can do is

1.Get yourself cool multifocal / bifocals glasses online

2. Make a DIY bead necklace for your designer glasses

The DIY process:

What you Need?

  • Nylon thread

  • Beads (of choice)

  • 2 eyeglass holders (available at craft stores)

  • 2 crimp bead

  • Scissors and Pliers


How to?

  • Cut the nylon thread to required length- usually 32 inches is the ideal length

  • Take one end of the cut nylon thread and put through the crimp bead

  • The same end put through the eyeglass holder very carefully

  • Now loop the nylon thread in reverse into the crimp bead and the eyeglass holder.

  • Use the pliers to securely put both in place so that they don't move around

  • From the other loose end start putting through the beads in a design, colour combination or order that you need to create your necklace

  • Once the beads have been arranged place the remaining crimp bead and the eyeglass holder at the other end

  • Use the pliers to secure in place

  • Use the two eyeglass holders and slide through both the arm rests till they fit firmly.

Your eyeglass necklace is ready!! You can now strut in style without worrying of losing them in your hustle.

You can also use a keychain loop by tieng both the ends of the above created necklace. Just string in the loop in any one of eyeglass hinges. This makes up for an interesting neckpiece and is supported only on one arm!

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