How To Make Your Kid Wear Glasses?

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August 09, 2018

Tips to make your kid fall in love with glasses

Children, typically, don’t find the idea of wearing spectacles too cool. In fact, some of them may just shoot out the entire concept of wearing eyeglasses online.

Despite one in five under eighteens in the country wearing glasses, children still consider wearing their prescription eyeglasses as unfortunate.

But with changing times, wearing a pair of glasses is fast becoming the rage among the youth. It is this love for glasses that need to be replicated among children too!

Here are the easiest 3 things that you could do to encourage kids to get excited about getting glasses for vision correction.


Let your child pick the frames for your designer glasses. There are a whole lot of different styles available online at Optically. Children find it enticing if they are called in for a selection. Your child then may feel comfortable with the idea of wearing glasses.

Let them decide what suits them best and it does not matter whether you like them or not. If a child picks a pair of rx eyeglasses, he or she would feel comfortable and relaxed about putting them on.

The big sell in all of this is about letting a little one known that taking the optical plunge will let them see the world. That should come across as the pleasant surprise.

You can convince your young one how the blurred letters in the school book would appear clear if they wore the glasses. Also, the muddled haze for far objects would go away and help him or her get clarity of eyesight.

Chime in with Colors

Try and have fun with various styles of prescription eyeglasses. Let your toddler discover spectacles as an asset to better living. You need to color coordinate various styled glasses for your young one.

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Remember to make your child rightly estimate the need of wearing one. Like they enjoy wearing different styles in clothes, fashion their temperament for glasses made of a variety of frames and materials.

Magic and More

Read out from the latest Harry Potter series and highlight the fact that each of these stories has a glasses-positive hero who is able to win battles against evil warlords and spin magical spells.

Read books which have bespectacled characters and evoke some fun and adventure of wearing glasses in daily life.

At Optically, we love to resonate this love for all things optically inclined. Choose the best rx sunglasses for yourself and select the best styled eyewear for your child. With myriad options available, we are your one-stop-shop for eyeglasses online.