How to Prevent Irritating Eye Twitches?

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September 03, 2018

Eye Twitches Uncovered: Some Facts Come Clean

Are your eyelids feeling twitchy? Do you constantly feel an uneasy flutter that disrupts vision? The fancy scientific word for such an eye condition is often known as Blepharospasm. This is a condition where the eyelid twitches and there are repeated tics.

With the best eyeglasses online, you can avoid your eyes from being strained or overworked. Doctors often suggest a hereditary strain in these eye conditions and a chance of transmitting eye twitches to another family member from one is high.

The great news in fact is that having eye twitches may be quite annoying but this is rarely serious condition that can go away in a few hours or after a good night’s sleep. You must wear Rx glasses regularly to avoid your power from fluctuating and lessening the frequency and duration of these twitches.

Keep reading for the best how to tips!

Wear Glasses Right

Staring at the computer screen for hours can cause your eye muscles to protest in times to come. You can hold your hand outstretched for long and thus cause them to turn tense and protest. This same logic applies to your eyes too. If you stare too long at a screen without wearing the best anti glare designer glasses, you could experience an eye twitch.

Too much eye strain can also impede the process of focussing straight ahead without squinting and or glaring at small print text.

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Relax and Relieve

The biggest remedy for eye twitches and tics is relaxation and some eye exercises. Learn to relax your eye muscles after a hectic day at work. Tics can happen in the worst of situations- before a presentation or while meeting a deadline. Normal stress and eye strain can cause your eye muscles to flutter awry. So try resting your eyes and blinking your eyes more often.

Treat your Body Well

Most eye twitches are harmless, but cutting down on fatigue can ultimately help in stopping this nuisance. A bout of twitchy eye can also be caused due to the overuse of alcohol and tobacco. Even consuming large quantities of caffeine can lead to eye issues. You should stay hydrated and mitigate the effects of depleting electrolytes in the blood by regulating your fluid intake.

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If the Twitching Continues

Finally, if your eye twitches last for long, you should visit an eye doctor or a physician who may detect an eye infection or any other treatable eye condition. Ease daily eye strain and eye twitching, by getting the best glasses online at Optically and wearing them regularly. Go easy on your eyes and pay attention to its needs!