How to Reglaze your Glasses Online?

reglazing glasses online
July 06, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

Optically is USA leading online retailer for affordable and trustworthy prescription glasses and sunglasses. With over 36 designer labels and lenses customization options, shopping for glasses online at is convenient and fashion forward.

Have you popped a lens of your prescription glasses? Have you scratched your lenses? Or have your glasses become to old and blurry?

Well, then Reglaze is the service for you. If your old frame is in good shape and you love it, then getting new lenses is what you must do. Reglaze is a premium service offered by Optically, that takes your old prescription glasses and changes the lenses with the customization you want.

All you have to do is:

Step 1: Upload your prescription, is for long/short sightedness? Is it reading glasses?

You can select the power as given by your optometrist, and choose from type of lenses, like kodak or premium, bifocals or multifocals for reading. Multifocals and Varifocals have a streamlined lens without any dividing line for reading and distance.

Step 2: The Coating that you want

If you work excessively on your computer than choosing the digital blue coat helps protect eyes when using digital devices. You can also go for anti-scratch and anti-fog coating for a comfortable sight through all wear and tear!

# All of Optically glasses come with a standard 1.56 index, an anti glare coating and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Step 3: The Tint

You can choose to make your prescription glasses into sunglasses, yes you heard right! Just select the tint and the gradient, or better yet go for photochromic or mirrored lenses. It also incorporates your prescription. There are 12 colours that you can pick from and 4 gradients. The lens coating can also be incorporated in your prescription sunglasses.

reglazing service

Reglaze Glasses is the best way to save money yet look stylish! If your frame is in great condition, or if you want to get yourself another pair, you can always get the lenses replaced for a renewed look and feel!

All you have to do is send us your old womens or mens glasses, log online make you preferences from choosing the type of glasses you want reglazed. Is it half rimmed or rimless glasses? Then choosing the customization as per your personal preference and need.

Once done our secure payment gateway will charge you for opted service and when your glasses are received, we will happily start reinventing them! It's that easy, right at the comfort of your couch.

While you are making cost-effective choices, why not hop online at and experience the inexpensive designer glasses online and treat yourself to a new pair?