How to Wear Your Sunglasses Right on the Beach?

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August 13, 2018

Tips to Wear Sunglasses in Summer

Are you a beach bum waiting to unfurl your wings and soak in the searing sun? Summers are just gearing up to be fun and enjoyable! It’s time that you grabbed a towel, a ball and your fab pair of designer sunglasses when you hit the beach.

We are happy to present the best and the brightest eyewear models for summer. Our new arrivals section in our online catalogue, offers you amazing styles and enduring designs in rx sunglasses.

Protect your Eyes

When you choose your favorite sunglasses based on their color, shape and looks, ensure that the pair you pick has anti-glare properties. At Optically, we offer sunglasses with a digital coating that helps guard your eyes from the blazing sun. We will not bore you with explanations why UV rays are harmful and destructive for your body and eyes. However, when you browse pairs from our online catalogue, you are pleasantly surprised.

We pay attention to details when you are trying to choose a gorgeous pair of shades. Remember the specifications mentioned by your optician and get going with the broad range of women’s and men’s glasses online.

When hitting the beach, a favorite sunglass of choice is an aviator frame. But truth be told, when you are playing beach volleyball or even simply bathing in the sands, you should wear dark shades that have a thicker frame.

Thick is in

Although titanium glasses have tons of benefits for the wearer, you still need to wear rx sunglasses that have wider coverage and broader frames.

titanium glasses

With plenty of designer eyeglasses online, Optically offers you durable and sturdy glasses befitting a beach body. When you wear hardy frames of glasses available with us, you look like a complete pro that is winning smiles and turning heads on the beach.

With a large range of thick framed rx eyeglasses online at Optically, you can choose pairs of shades, that despite falling over on the sands, does not get trampled.

Soak in Fun at the Beach

The best thing about hitting the beach is the water which helps you frolic and have fun in the waves! Since the best sunglasses you wear are your hallmark fashion statement, it's best that you don’t store these in your handbag without the storage case.

You can risk scratching your lenses and sunscreen on your face can cause strains and marks on the eyeglasses. Storing these in a hard case with a protective microfiber cloth is a must. With the best protective gear offered at Optically, you can safely toss your shades over your beach bag without breaking sweat!