Metal Menace: Glasses for You!

Oversized Sunglasses Are A Glamorous Pair Of Sunglasses
March 28, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

Imagine you are standing in the midst of an orchard and surrounded with delicious berries, oranges, apples, pineapple, cherries and melons. Now the owner asks you to pick one fruit for yourself!

Well that's difficult, because all are fresh and sunkissed, you wish to take them all! Yummy!

Now the owner sees your plight and says “Well, fine- Go ahead and pick two! Do you think that would be enough?”

Now think of the arena of prescription glasses, there's a wide variety of latest designer wear online. You are in the middle of the browsing using the Try Me feature, attempting different frames on your close-up picture.

You wish to choose the best that brings compliments and style and attitude both. But choosing just one for your versatile personality is a task, so you go for more than one.

You optical wardrobe has just began to get trendy and now you are looking at a new style of frames to be your chosen pair!

Thin Metal Glasses are creating a havoc in the eyewear market.

Here's Why?

  1. Lightweight

  2. Durable

  3. Minimalistic

  4. Easy to Style

  5. Resilient

Thin Metal Glasses started a mayhem with John Lennon’s round spectacles. Everyone wanted a pair that is simple yet fashionable.

Soon the round shape was adapted into various shapes like rectangle, square, aviator, oval and many combinations.

Furthermore metal which used to be stainless steel was adapted into titanium frames, the ultimate saviour, being both economical and durable over a period.

We at have put together a list of Metal Glasses to make your regular spectacles in swag.

The quintessential round in minimal make adds elegant sophistication.

Half rimmed in black with rectangle glasses suit all ages and face type for the dont mess with me look.

Rimless is classiness encompassed in sleek hinges that are perfect for your official wears

The creativity of oval and round together in horn rimmed temples is contemporary yet modern to style.

The half rimmed brow metal in black and purple is streamlined and simple in square frames to accentuate that jawline.

The retro adaptation of Aviators in golden is vintage yet bold in trend for its oversized nature.

Hop online at and get your trendy designer prescription glasses and up your wardrobe to go from work to weekend and jeans to evening in a go!