Prescription Glasses for a Square Face: New Arrivals

Prescription Sunglasses
June 30, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

Prescription glasses and sunglasses have flocked magazine covers, red carpets entrys, movie stars and celebrities alike. We are swarmed with the array of frame shapes, designs and colours.

There is just so much more you can choose from especially when it comes to designer glasses online, that you can want to own as many pairs as you could afford!

And if you are shopping online for womens glasses at, you are sure in for a surprise. The cheap designer glasses for men and women, have amazing offers waiting to be availed. With over 36 labels housed, the style, comfort and the quality is at optimum.

When you do step into a retail store, you cannot possibly try all the different frames and even if you do you may not end up liking them. Then you drive to another store.Takes time right?

Not with Optically Virtual Try On feature, you can virtually see how all the frames featured on our website look on you with a simple upload of your close up picture! Making a purchase for prescription sunglasses couldn't have been easier! No drive your car or even walking to that optician, all at the comfort of your home.

The right glasses can surely give you the sense of cool but the wrong ones definitely take you downhill, both in fashion and style.

So what's make the perfect pair when shopping for sunglasses or eyeglasses online?

  1. Does it suit your Face Shape?

  2. Does it suit your Skin tone?

  3. Does it suit your lifestyle?

Let's take square face for instant. Categorized by a strong jawline and sharp edged cheeks, like Angelina Jolie! A square face has a wide forehead, with distant parallel cheekbones to the squared jaw.

This face needs angular glasses that soften the edges of your face, or wide glasses that draw attention outwards. As a thumb rule, chose the exact opposite shape of glasses to your face shape.

Round frames will work wonders for a square face. Similarly, cat-eye with tapered angles and oval glasses will make your features look sharper.

Surprisingly square shape is brilliant for the camera, and a lot of celebrities are lucky with one. The trick is to lengthen the face, like wider glasses are better than taller lenses, as they make square face look slimmer.

Earthy palettes like beige, brown and cream can also soften the angles of your square face. Optically has compiled our top favourite prescription glasses for square faces! has simple filters that help you narrow your search by frame size, style, colour, type and material. So you can rummage through the diverse catalog easily!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop online for affordable, trustworthy and fashionable prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses to be delivered right at your doorstep.