Signs that indicate you may need prescription eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses
February 16, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

Like sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses have also become a popular fashion accessory. Many people out their wear eyeglasses for style and to look different. But, do we want glasses only for fashion, or you need them to correct your eyesight.

Many people fail to realize when they need vision assistance, and due to the extended period of ignorance your eyesight becomes weak, and you may need to get an eye test done.

Therefore, it is always better to know about the signs that warn you of wearing eyeglasses to reduce the severity of eye-related problems.

Here are the warning signs you need to start wearing prescription eyeglasses:

Headaches :

A headache is one of the most common sign & symptoms causing blurry vision, or it may merely cause a headache with or after reading. Sometimes it can also appear with frequent eye strain to see better. On the hand, if your eyeglasses prescription is too strong, this can also cause eye strain and headaches.

Blurred Vision :

If you experience sudden or persistent blurred vision, then you must instantly schedule an appointment with an eye specialist. Blurry vision can be caused due to eye dryness & eye strain.

 Prescription glasses

Need for brighter light :

If you often find yourself turning on lights in a room than it is time for you to check if you need reading glasses.

Difficulty in night light :

If you experience the inability to see clearly in dimly light, this means your eyes are unable to adjust to darkness or less light.

Sitting close to watch TV :

This is a sign you are not able to see clearly from far away.

Frequent eye rubbing :

Continually rubbing your eye can be a sign of eye fatigue or eye strain, eyeglasses can typically help you with it. It may also because due to conjunctivitis, seasonal allergies or dry eyes.

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