The Magical Allure of Rimless Readers: Some Evergreen Facts Uncovered!

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August 11, 2018

Go Rimless for Readers

Even if you have near perfect vision, a pair of must have readers is all but a necessity these days. With millions affected with sight loss in the United States, pair of reading rims is all but a reality in every fashion wardrobe!

Gone are the days when spectacles were considered only for sight and not show. A pair of rimless readers is more than a vanity-fuelled predilection.

With countless varieties of glasses online your spectacles need a rimless makeover in no time.

Here are the top reasons why rimless sells hands down over framed counterparts.

Safe and Fashionable

At Optically, we underpin safety of your facial furniture and our eyewear is safe for your eyes and skin. Since readers come in handy every now and then, going rimless is not just eye popping fun but it is also stylish and cool, with the times. Our titanium spectacles online can be used as bifocal glasses too. Rimless readers are progressively becoming the rage. If you are an avid reader, going rimless is a must. We have the best eyewear in rimless readers’ for every type, every size and every shape.

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Old Fashioned Trend Comes Alive

Rimless readers are actually a mid 19th century innovation by celebrated Austrian inventor, J.F Voigtlander. He started with a rimless monocle that gradually evolved into a prince-nez and took shape of the rimless prescription glasses that we know of now. So, contrary to popular belief, rimless is old fashion resurrected for modern lifestyle!

Clearer Vision With Frameless Elegance

Rimless readers are devoid of the conspicuous appearance of framed eyewear. These help you gain crystal clear vision when you read or even write. These glasses can help you get rid of weight of frames and saves the nose bridge from eyewear scratches. The less the additional frame of the spectacles, the better the vision for reading.

Rimless is Robust

Unlike the misconception that rimless is sensitive and subtle, these crystal clear glasses have a robust make up. These glasses often have scratch free characteristics and have reinforced shock resistance. At Optically, our titanium eyeglasses online come in different styles, colors and shape. These are functional and enjoy a fashion potential.

Rimless Eyewear is For All

Most of us attach a delicate and sophisticated look for all rimless eyewear. We presume that only people with minor vision problems need to wear rimless eyeglasses. But this is also true for those who have strong prescriptions and vision correction. Rimless can help define your personality and is for all ages.

At Optically, all rimless glasses come with a scratch resistant coating. You also get a free case and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Apart from rx eyeglasses and other kinds of alternatives, rimless glasses come with titanium arms with a 48-hour dispatch for simple prescriptions and a 100% money back guarantee.

If that’s not all, we also offer free shipping when delivered within the US. Hurry and buy your pair now till the stocks last!