Top Prescription Sunglasses Styles For This Summer

Prescription Sunglasses
July 18, 2018

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. They become an identity and a part of one's personality. People who wear prescription sunglasses know that how a perfect pair of sunglasses can bring in a change in a person’s lifestyle. Every summer brings in a new wave of sunglasses styles and sunglasses lovers cannot hold themselves back from adding these styles to their collection. In this segment we bring you the sunglasses styles trending this summer. Some new, some old but they are here to lift your spirits high.

Thicker frames with wide temples:

Thick full rimmed frames have always been in fashion. They give a definition to your face. They are bold, classic and smart. Optically hosts an exclusive collection of full rimmed thick sunglasses. From basic black to quirky colors, you will find all in this collection. Brands like Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss and Carrera are slaying the fashion industry with their thick glasses.

Full Rimmed Mens Sunglasses
Full Rimmed Womens Sunglasses

Light metal sunglasses:

These sunglasses are for people who love intricate design. Apart from gold and silver these sunglasses also come in colors. They have fine arms and big lenses that give them the required depth to change the definition of your face. Women’s sunglasses trend more in this category.

Metal Sunglasses
womens Sunglasses

Oversized lenses:

Sunglasses with oversized lenses suits oval shaped and heart shaped faces better. The large size of the lenses makes the chin look smaller thus giving your face a more defined and angular look. You can see most celebrities sporting this look. Brands like Fendi know their game when it comes to playing with this style.

Ovesize Sunglasses
Full Rimmed Sunglasses

Circular Frames:

Circular frames come across as smart, unique and stylish. It’s not every fashion lovers cup of tea. Many people feel apprehensive to use circular frames as it can change your look dramatically. But, they are versatile too. If you are the one looking for a change in your style and haven’t tried circular frames yet, you need to go for them now.

Round Frame Sunglasses
Round Full Rimmed Sunglasses

Classic cateye:

Cateye will never go out of style. From Audrey Hepburn to Madonna all the classics have portrayed this style and since then it has become an iconic possession for all the fashion lovers.

Cateye Sunglasses
cat eye womnes Sunglasses

Well, this summer has something amazing to offer you, hasn’t it? If you are up for a makeover you are in the right place. The latest collection at has all these styles and at an amazing price. We work towards getting you the best, all the top styles and all the latest collections. Along with the latest collections in sunglasses, you can get best options of prescription glasses as well.

If you love your existing frame but need new lenses, you can go for the reglazing glasses option. Trends, styles and latest collections is what we are all about.

Hope you find the best sunglasses and spend your summer in style!