Unleash That Masculine Ruggedness Of Your Timeless Aviators!

Aviator Sunglasses
July 26, 2018

The Truly Male Eye Gear- Aviators!

Nothing compares to the sleek and sharp, stylish and classic aviator shades. Since the 1930s, aviators unlike the prescription glasses online have enjoyed an infamous notoriety in films and popular culture. There are several affordable designer glasses that you could find online, but nothing beats the original aviator of the bygones!

There are plenty of reasons why we intuitively consider aviators to be rugged and high octane. The manliness of these shades partly comes from these being worn by fighter pilots in the Second World War.

In the 1930s, the aviator was originally designed by Ray Ban. These came in large and resplendent green hues. The tear drop lenses enabled the pilots to look down at their cockpit control panels and also block the sunlight.

Most of the aviators had a rubberized brow bar that covered the width of the entire frame and helped keep the sweat off the eyes while flying in the sky. Shooting down enemy planes was a little easier with this ace!

The present day aviator shade is still worn by active men on duty and airmen still swear by its benefits. Many average Joes also wear these to incorporate the machismo and bravado of these goggles into their personal style.

Aviator Reading Glasses online

More and more men fall for these shades and upend bygone fashions in aviator shades to opt for different styles now. These shades not only give you the best overhead sun protection but also have amazing color saturation for better vision and great looks!

You would anyway look great while you fly planes in the wild blue skies or just about go hunting in woods out of the Mid West towns.

You could opt for the classic aviator look that helps you tap the rich heritage of these pairs. These are functional and give you the most coverage from the sun’s rays. Most of these trusted aviators come in the tear drop look.

For a longer face or even a square jaw, trusted aviators help you look confident and smart. You could also opt for a navigator rx sunglasses that helps you make that big impression with the opposite sex.

Rounding off, aviators can be an exceptional accessory to pack some punch into your outdoor fashion gear. You can sport aviators while driving the jeep, when biking or even while running!

At Optically.co we offer you designer aviators all and sundry along with new arrivals in women’s glasses too. Get going with innumerable designs and find the aviator closest to your heart!