What Are The Top Features To Look For While Buying Sunglasses Online

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April 13, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

We are aware of the harmful effect of UV rays on our skin, but there are many people unaware of the cumulative damage to the eyes. Long-term exposure to the sun can lead to various eye problems namely; slow blindness or blurred vision, cataracts, and skin cancer.

Even short-term exposure to glare or reflections can cause severe damage to your eyesight by burning the front surface of your eye lens. A good pair of sunglasses should block 99 to 100% of UV rays.

Following features will help you find the right pair of sunglasses to prevent your eyes from causing any serious damage. At Optically USA, we can help you convert your sunglasses into prescription sunglasses for better vision on a sunny day.

Find Frames With Perfect Fit :

A well-fitted sunglasses not only make you look better but blocks the harmful UV rays. A well-fitted pair of sunglasses should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. Every human has a unique face shape and size, and therefore every pair of glasses is a little different and may not always be same. Using sunglasses with inappropriate or wrong fit will let the UV rays inside and this can be as harmful to your eyes as direct sunlight.

Find Shape That Suits Your Face :

Aviators, Wayfarer, Cat-eyes Sunglasses, Round-shaped Sunglasses, Wraparound Sunglasses, D-Shaped Sunglasses, etc. are some of the popular sunglasses shapes and styles available. Most of the time, the shape you select is an aesthetic choice.

Always look for sunglasses with shapes that you like and that looks great on your face and compliments your facial features. Most importantly, the shape of your sunglasses can help you protect your eyes UV rays from all angles.

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Find If It Provides Maximum UV Protection :

By now it should be clear that UV protection is the No.1 feature that you must look for in your sunglasses. It is also important to know what to look for when you buy sunglasses. You must look for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, you can also take better care of your eyes by picking out sunglasses with polarized and/or anti-reflective lenses to reduce glare.

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Ideally, sunglasses frames are made of Plastic or Metal, and the sunglasses lenses are made of plastic. But the type of plastic used to make them defines the quality of the sunglasses. Polycarbonate plastic is both lightweight as well as durable. CR-39 is the highest quality of plastic used for lenses and is shatter-resistant. Accordingly, you can select different lens tints, to filter light differently. It helps in blocking sunlight from above without darkening your view too much.

Hope these list will be helpful for you to choose the right pair of sunglasses. Check out Optically USA for quality sunglasses and prescription glasses from various brands.