Why must you own a pair of Computer Glasses?

 Prescription Glasses
April 25, 2018
Published By Jennifer Johnson

We are in this technologically advanced rut and our life is surrounded by digital devices that have become an everyday use for us.

We are surrounded by television, tablets, phones and laptops be it home or at work. These digital devices emit blue light that is harmful to our vision.

We spend at least 8 hours of our adult day with these devices and even though they might have brought us some convenience there are some drawbacks too.

Lets see a list:

  • You tend to blink 70% lesser while you stare at digital devices

  • Strain on the eyes, causes mild headaches and neck aches

  • Reddening of the eyes for prolonged use

  • Reasons to accelerate your prescription

  • Blurriness in vision

  • Back ache due to the posture

  • Reading small sized fonts causes fatigue

When we protect our eyes in the sun by getting the latest sunglasses and even going a step ahead to make them into prescription sunglasses, why must we stop to care for our eyes when its comes to the harmful blue light.

We have become well informed about the concerns that are caused to our eyes with UV light, now it's time to put into protection our eyes from the Blue Light that is much talked about.

Not just damaging to our eyes in the long run but also stated to have reduced productivity due to the causing concerns.

So if you do have a prescription, make sure you get your glasses with an anti-reflective coating or a blue light coating. Best is to ask your optician to give you computer glasses that are made specifically to combat this concern.

Digital blue coat lense

Here's what you can do apart from glasses:

  • Look away from your screen every hour for 20 seconds and stare at a distant object

  • Massage your eyes, or even wash them at least twice when at work to calm the strain

  • Reduce the use of tablets, phone or television from the routine run

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