Why Should You Wear Those Trusted Computer Glasses Every Day?

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August 30, 2018

Computer Readers: The Fine Print for Effective Eye Protection

Look anywhere and you will come across a screen glaring back at you in no time! Almost two thirds of specs wearers suffer from computer vision syndrome or CVS. If you are staring into a screen for a long time every day, you could develop eye problems and fatigue. Some may even need rx glasses online.

Since screens are here to stay, it’s important to care for your overworked eyes. To alleviate your eye woes, you could opt for a pair of men’s glasses that are tailor made for use of computers.

Computer readers and rx sunglasses with a digital coating are designed specifically to counter blue rays that affect eyesight.

Glaring Concerns

Digital screens and sun rays are both bad for the eye. You need to reduce the glare your eyes feel when exposed to light rays. At Optically, we have myriad computer reading glasses that have a digital coating with tints that minimize the glare.

A good pair of computer glasses will help you stay focussed on your screen. Since your computer screens are farther away from a book you are reading, your eye muscles typically have to exert more for better clarity. A pair of computer glasses magnifies the image on your digital screen and adjusts its strength. Visibility is clearer and sounder with these ace glasses.

Perks up your Posture

It is fairly common for most of us to lean forward when we sit on our chairs at work, the mid range vision often gets augmented if you wear computer glasses. The less-than-perfect images otherwise, can lead to poor posture and neck pain. Computer readers help magnify images and make your life a little easy.

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Multitude of Styles

With some of the most uber cool shapes and designs, your regular computer glasses are undergoing a rapid transformation. These trusted pairs of frames help in minimizing eye fatigue and restlessness. You can also opt for reglaze glasses that use the old frames and replace the lenses for your visual comfort.

Gone are the days when wearers were secretive about wearing these computer glasses. These special reading glasses are for all time use in office and can help correct your vision without sidestepping the aesthetics.

The best designer glasses, available at Optically, helps you read fine print without squinting and makes you look fashionable as well! Choose a style that suits your mood and helps you look smart and trendy too.