Why Terrific Titanium Glasses are in Vogue?

Lens coating Prescription glasses
July 24, 2018

Tired of wearing glasses that weigh down your face? Are run-of-the-mill prescription glasses scarring your nose bridge? Your answer to all vision agonies lies in opting for titanium glasses online.

If you are thinking best frames- think titanium!

Titanium is a wonder metal that draws charm and attention. You just need to revisit your elementary chemistry lessons from school to draw upon its benefits!

Titanium glasses are 40% lighter than standard steel frames and are widely known for their hypoallergenic properties. Unlike metallic frames that have sharper contours, titanium full rimmed glasses with the other styles don’t hurt your ears and nose.

These are stylish and durable while being a tad bit pricey than conventional frames. But they are simply worth it!

Here are the plausible benefits for opting for the rimless titanium glasses:

Come in variety of light shaped formats

If you are thinking men’s glasses online, your chic and dapper office ensemble needs a lightweight titanium frame. Available in perky shapes, you almost don’t feel any heaviness in these frames. You can almost bid adieu to migraines and consistent headaches if you switch to featherweight eyewear in titanium.

Don’t break easily when dropped

If you don a pair of titanium glasses, you can be rest assured that while you are at play in the beach or simply bathing in the sun, your titanium sunglasses sit pretty on your face without breaking at any instant.

Durable and low maintenance

You can drop you eyewear a lot especially if you are an avid sportsman or an athlete. The titanium variety of glasses will never disappoint you. Even if the lenses shatter, the frame remains intact and you can just opt for a replacement lens without spending for an extra pair. Additionally, a pair of titanium glasses just needs to be wiped gently when cleaning them and is a low maintenance frame style.

Rimless Titanium frame

Anti-allergic and rust free

If you suffer from skin irritation, rest assured that titanium is an inert material that does not affect the skin after direct contact. Titanium is wonderful for prosthetics. It does not cause skin allergies or abrasion. This wonder metal also does not corrode easily and remains rust free. If you live next to the ocean or love the outdoors, remember to wear your staple titanium eyewear!

Where to Find your Best Pair?

Shop for those eyeball grabbing Rx sunglasses or an ideal pair of formal glasses from Optically by browsing through the website. Take a look at our extensive range of titanium glasses online that are delivered all over the United States.

Eyewear selection has never been so easy. Just pick a rimless titanium frame that you like and click on one that sits pretty on your face and lifestyle!